About Melis

Melis Günenc

Welcome to my world of vibrant colors and endless creativity! My name is Melis Günenc, a devoted hair stylist with a Master of Color Certificate, and your personal expert in bringing out the truest expression of your beauty.

From the subtle art of hair coloring to the dramatic flair of extensions, each snip and dye is a step towards perfection. My specialty lies in Halo Hair extensions – the essence of quality and elegance, crafted from real human hair to give you that seamless and natural enhancement.

Halo Hair Extension

But my aspirations didn't stop at the salon. Driven by the desire to spread beauty far and wide, I embarked on an entrepreneurial quest, launching my very own ecommerce business. Here, I offer you not just Halo Hair extensions, but a piece of my heart and art.

Every strand tells a story, and I'm here to help you narrate yours. Whether it’s a bold transformation or a subtle change, I ensure an experience that’s as delightful and unique as you are.

Join me in this beautiful journey and let's create magic, one hair extension at a time.

Melis Günenc

With love,

Melis Günenc