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Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde

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A combination of very light brown and dark blonde hair. The touch of a warm sunkissed look with 100% real human hair.

How to use?

A perfect hair extension doesn't have to be permanent, complicated, or require a lot of effort. Halo Hair Extensions provide a full hair extension experience, offering a significant increase in volume and length within minutes. They are super flexible, allowing you to apply and remove them as you wish. Halo Hair Extensions are as gentle on your hair as a hair clip while still providing a secure fit. Moreover, with proper care, their lifespan can extend to several years.

Step 1

To make sure your Halo Hair Extension blends perfectly and looks as natural as possible, start by pulling the top section of your hair into a top knot. Leave two-inch-wide sections out at the front of your face.

Step 2

Place the Halo on your head with the wire about an inch back from your forehead.

Push the back of the weft down so it sits firmly below your occipital bone. (This is the small bump you can feel at the back of your head.)
You can adjust the wire by pulling or widening the band so it fits your head size. Secure the hair in place using the detachable clips.

Step 3

Take your top knot down so the top section of your hair covers the halo.
Using a tail comb, pull pieces of hair over the halo and wire until it is completely covered.
Brush over the elastic band and through the ends of your lengths until the strands are blended.

Shipping time?

Your order typically requires 1-2 business days for processing before it is dispatched.

The delivery time to your location in Europe is estimated to be between 10 and 15 business days.

Please note that once the package departs from our warehouse, we are unable to precisely control the exact arrival time.



  • Brush and detangle your hair gently every day.
  • Completely dry hair on a medium setting.
  • Conditioner, masks, and hair oil help to hydrate your hair extensions.
  • Never skip heat protection.
  • Store your Halo Halo so that it doesn't get tangled and dusty.


  • Too much hairspray will dry out your hairpiece.
  • Do not style the connection points.

Need color advice?

Sure! We are always happy to assist you with color selection. To help us, please send a photo of your hair, taken in good daylight, via email, Instagram DM, or Facebook message. The photo can be taken anonymously without showing your face. Please ensure that your hair is fully visible from roots to tips.

If you can't find your desired color, you can of course dye or tone our Halo Hair Extensions.

Slight color variations from your hair will quickly be forgiven due to the color reflections and natural composition of the individual hair strands, yet they will still blend well together.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Marie Ann Muller

Great quality human hair. The piece is very full and adds a nice overall look to existing hair. Color matches perfect! The support clips and invisible “halo” band keeps the hair piece in place. I recommend this product. Also arrived promptly.

Stefanie McLaughlin

This Halo hair extension is the best I have bought so far. The hair is super great quality and it matched perfect to my hair. I would highly recommend it. Definitely a great investment.

Alverta Ratke

These extensions are beyond worth it for the price point. They quality is AMAZING.

Madison Bogan

Love the color! So far the extensions are great! Soft and natural feel! Very happy!

Jewell Hagenes

I love the quality. Very easy to put in. The color matches perfectly. So happy with my purchase.